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Business models

We will show you how you can combine attractive price models with customer benefits and at the same time significantly increase your share of recurring revenue. For example, we also convert classic price models such as license / maintenance into subscription-based models and help you to fulfill the transformation of a price model in an economically meaningful way.


To conquer the world! That is what globalisation promises. The world is often not the goal at first. In Europe alone there are numerous pitfalls in every country and what works in one country can cause a disaster in another country. Different mentalities, legislations and market conditions make individual approaches necessary.
We will show you how you can achieve quick successes without adapting the products and business models per country or building up your own staff everywhere.

Product strategy

Platform is the buzzword in the market for new product placements in the software industry. We show you how this can and will affect your product portfolio and what measures you should take to be optimally positioned in the future. We do not come from the technical side, but from the market. We keep the customer in mind.


Corporate strategy

Have you set up a new corporate strategy or are you planning to change the previous strategy? Are you wondering how to put this into practice or what impact it will have on your business? What are the effects on the organisation? How do I take the employees with me? A sensitive topic and essential for the success of the new strategy.
We know this and have already lived through this experience many times through our own implementation on the international stage. We would be happy to help you formulate the strategy clearly and simply and quickly implement it in all areas of your company.

Personnel recruiting

When it comes to personnel recruiting we concentrate on positions with customer contact and are therefore looking for candidates in sales and project management for you.
Regardless of whether you look for a manager or a team member we draw on a broad network of candidates from the logistics software industry and can therefore quickly fill positions with experienced and competent people. Nationally and internationally.

Business angel

Once the first milestones have been reached in a start-up the realisation quickly comes that an idea alone does not make a successful company. Product management, sales, marketing, finance, etc. – a lot of expertise is in demand.
And in addition to the operational business it is also important to satisfy investors or, first of all, to find investors.
Our wealth of experience in setting up companies, managing and expanding companies as well as in the area of mergers & acquisitions make us the ideal sparring partner for start-ups and young companies.

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