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Software selection

Finding the right solution partner or partners in a market that one is not very familiar with is risky and tedious. We look for the best solution partner for your needs and thus considerably minimize your investment risk and the time required for the selection.

Tendering process

If you ask a logistics software manufacturer whether they offer the route scheduling function in their solution, almost all companies will (justifiably) answer “yes”. But is this also the route scheduling that you need? We accompany you in the tendering process and ensure that your requirements are met.

License costs

You have already found a solution and find the license costs too high. We look at your current costs and check the possibility of savings. We do not just look at the direct costs of the provider used. We also check whether the pricing model corresponds to the current offers on the market.

Process optimisation

You have a working solution and you do not want to change anything. Nevertheless, you want simplifications for your employees and improvements in your service level. We identify ways to optimise your processes, improve the satisfaction of your employees and increase your service level towards your customers or suppliers.

Acceleration of software projects

Is your solution not working as expected? The go-live date is being delayed further and further? Is your project getting out of hand? We determine the problem, mediate in the solution and / or actively support in bringing about the desired state.

Start-up support

We are enthusiastic about disruptive ideas. However, it is often underestimated how complex it is to change existing processes for potential customers. And so great ideas end up on hold. We bring you together with the right contact person so that your ideas can grow quickly.

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