Consulting services for software solutions in logistics

Venkinto is the interface between software providers and software users in logistics. We make supply and demand transparent for our customers on both sides. We help software providers to tailor their offerings completely to the needs of their customers and to develop new customer potential. For logistics companies we help to find the right solution for their needs and accelerate your software projects.

Our services for …

Software providers

From planning the strategic positioning of your company or your product portfolio to the practical implementation of your strategy. From improving your third-party license costs to realigning your sales concepts – nationally and internationally. We help you to accelerate your growth on a broad front and implement it sustainably. With a focus on recurring revenue.

Logistics companies

In hardly any other industry is the variety of existing and new software solutions as extensive as in transport logistics. We know the software market like no other and help you through the jungle of providers. More certainty in making the right choice, the acceleration of the selection process and a precise implementation are your benefits. And if current implementation projects are delayed, we help to accelerate them.


We stand for your success

Software all around logistics has been our passion for more than 20 years. As managers of market-leading software companies in logistics we have always been at the forefront. And this in a colorful mix – as a manager, as a salesperson, as a marketing manager or as a consultant. And sometimes everything together :-).

We have built and led international and multicultural teams all over the world and have been responsible for M&A projects in various European countries.

Establishing or realigning companies, subsidiaries or business units was and is a daily passion – from the introduction of new products, changes to business models, conquering new markets and target groups, new structures to the implementation of higher-level corporate strategies.

We stand for the absolute will to succeed, a high level of communication skills, a direct, open, binding manner at all levels and a unique network and market knowledge of the international range of logistics software.

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Start-ups als Arbeitgeber – Chancen und Risiken

Start-ups als Arbeitgeber – Chancen und Risiken

English version below Start-ups sind heutzutage in aller Munde. Sie sind hip, sie sind innovativ und sie gestalten die Zukunft. So der weit verbreitete Mythos. Und dieser ist nicht unbegründet. Aber was bedeutet es, für ein Start-up zu arbeiten, was sind die Chancen...

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